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DB9F-TO_RJ45 Adapter

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The DB9F-TO-RJ45 Adapter plugs into a normal DSub-9 male serial port. This way it allows to use a Cat5 cable for data transmission. This is very effective when using RS422 or RS485 operation, since the differential signals are located on the paired wires.
The matching adapter DB9M-TO-RJ45 at the other end of the Cat5 cable reverses the conversion, the standard signal assignment is valid again.
But customers may use their own connection on the other side.

DB9F-TO_RJ45 Adapter

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  • DB9F-TO_RJ45 Adapter


  • DB9 female to RJ45 Adapter
  • Uses Cat5 cable
  • Converts Dsub-9 male to Cat5
  • Optimized for RS485/422 operation
  • RS232 signal assignment is like USB-2COM ECO

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Datasheet Datasheet
Manufacturer VSCOM
Article Number 6061