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RJ45-TO_DB9M Adapter

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The RJ45-TO-DB9M adapter is the matching component to the DB9F-TO-RJ45 Adapter. When used with a Cat5 cable it reverses the conversion of DB9F-TO-RJ45, the standard signal assignment is valid again.
When used with USB-2COM ECO and Cat5 cables, this adapter brings standard DSub-9 male RS232 connectors to this device.

RJ45-TO_DB9M Adapter

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  • RJ45-TO_DB9M Adapter


  • RJ45 to DB9 male Adapter
  • Uses Cat5 cable
  • Converts Cat5 to DSub-9 male
  • Optimized for RS485/422 operation
  • Converts USB-2COM ECO signals to DB9 male RS232

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Datasheet Datasheet
Manufacturer VSCOM
Article Number 6062